Our range of Bang & Olufsen televisions are designed for the ultimate cinematic and immersive audio-visual experience. Our TVs are modern for everyday living whilst looking sharp in every room. They include self-emitting OLED pixels giving them the ability to turn on and off to individually reproduct absolute black.

B&O Beovision Harmony combines incredible audio and vivid images into a full-bodied cinematic performance. Behind the front covers hides a powerful B&O sound centre that will instantly impress upon your ears. The 3-channel speaker setup delivers speech-optimised centre channel and powerful stereo performance.

BeoVision Eclipse is a beautiful and extremely well crafted TV that delivers an immaculate picture and sound experience. It’s a true OLED 4K HDR TV that can integrate with your favourite Bang & Olufsen home entertainment products.

All our TVs boast internet connectivity, allowing you to enjoy your catch-up services without having to plug into additional devices.

Shop our full range televisions here or come into our showroom where we will happily take you on the ultimate sound and viewing experience.