If you’re passionate about high quality audio, a dedicated music streamer is essential. It can become the centre of your Hi-Fi universe, making every listening session that much more enjoyable. Music streamers are simply devices that can play audio stored in another location. This location can be over the Internet, in the form of a streaming service like iTunes or Spotify, or an external hard drive. Our range of streamers include products from DevialetBang & OlufsenLinn Audio, Innuos, Chord Electronics, Ruark Audio & more – all in one place!

Our range of audio streamers include the new Linn Majik DSM, which is a powerful combination of network music player, pre-amp and power amp, all in one timeless package. Able to stream any digital source over a standard network, the Linn Majik DSM can be used wired or wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth.

You’ll also find the Linn Akubarik System in our range of audio streamers with Linn’s innovative integrated speakers with power and intelligence built in. Combining a performance that will grab your attention with looks that won’t dominate your living space, Akubarik will reignite your passion for music.

Hearing is believing, which is why we invite you into our showroom for a personal listening experience.