Our range of CD players are integrated with the very best music systems from Ruark Audio and Innuos so you benefit from superior sound quality that makes your CD collection sound better than ever.

Our Ruark High Fidelity Music System is the perfect ‘all-in-one’ system for music and design enthusiasts alike. The R5 is multi-room ready and can be wirelessly linked with the MRx, R2 MK3 and R7 Mk3 to provide beautiful sound all around your home. Perfect on its own or with a TV as a complete home entertainment solution, R5 features a CD player slot to play CD-audio, MP3 and ACC.

The ZENmini Mk3 from Innuos is the perfect solution for all your CDs, music and files. Ideal for simple integration into multi-room systems or for those making the first step to a dedicated audio server, the Innuos allows complete music library management using a tablet or smartphone.

Featuring additional Optical and Coaxial digital outputs as well has a high-resolution 24bit/192KHz Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). This means you can now connect directly to all your favourite devices such as Soundbars, AV Receivers or Integrated Amplifiers the easy way.

Shop our full range of CD Players with free shipping within the UK, or get in touch to arrange a visit to our showroom to see and hear their quality for yourself.