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Lehmannaudio produce award-winning High-End Audio Headphone Amplifiers, Phono Stages and Power Amplifiers made in Germany with excellent test results. Lehmannaudio's line of legendary phono stages are all made in Germany. All of their high-end phono preamplifiers are MM-/MC-capable and have a configurable impedance.

The Black Cube is the classic among the phono preamps: since its product launch in 1995 it has enjoyed cult status with a vast number of record lovers, causing a sensation in the specialised press with its compact dimensions and marvellous sound. Since 2006 the audio pc board has been on the market in a new and greatly improved version. The Black Cube SE is the classic Black Cube equipped with an extra potent PWX power supply. That way it has even more power for an exceptionally complex, impressive and emotional reproduction of music. Just imagine you could get even more out of your favourite record: the Black Cube SE does it with far greater bass authority, very relaxed mids plus enhanced top-end sparkle and openness.

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