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Kaleidescape offer the ultimate range of home entertainment systems for those who love their home cinema. The only uncompressed download system in the world.

The golden age of home cinema is now. Technology developed during the past few years has profoundly changed what is possible in a home cinema. The new generation of surround sound and object-based soundtracks, powered by modern sound processing equipment, together with true 4K Ultra HD video with high dynamic range, create an immersive experience that isn’t even possible in your neighbourhood movie theatre.

People choose Kaleidescape because they know the most important component in a luxury home theatre is the one that enables all the other components to perform at their best. That means managing the full experience – lighting, audio, screen masking, projection – every detail.

Paired with our meticulously curated content, the care and craftsmanship of a Kaleidescape movie player delivers an immersive home theatre experience you can’t get anywhere else.

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