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Everything that bears the Bang & Olufsen name, including the Beolab range of speakers and sound systems, has been tuned to perfection to bring you right into the sound. Bang & Olufsen have been sharing an obsessive passion for sound for almost 100 years: it has been a vital mission of theirs to constantly test, measure and perfect the techniques used to reproduce sound.

Beolab speakers and sound systems are sublime technical instruments, delicately tuned by hand and ear to bring you right into the music, revealing all of its beautiful details and passionately demonstrating its ability to move you, physically and emotionally. The acoustical, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to ensure that every product is perfect.

The top-of-the-range Beolab 90 are perhaps the world’s most advanced digital loudspeaker. Offering unprecedented power and acoustic performance that adapts seamlessly to your living space and listening modes. Three years in the making, Beolab 90 is the culmination of our wildest dreams. And with no less than 8,200 watts per speaker, this is by far the most powerful sound experience B&O have ever created. Each of these incredible speakers are made to order, customising their appearance to perfectly match your preferences.

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